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All vehicles that are used in our tours are Mercedes Benz from Mercedes E class S Class V class Van and Big Van and minibuses, a wide range of top of the range vehicles to offer maximum comfort for a tour or trip with our limousine service.

On board our Mercedes you will always find offers on bottles of water and wi-fi on board, all our private drivers speak perfect English and are experts in the places of the Tuscan countryside, experts in wine and wineries and of our history in the long journeys you will visit in Tuscany.

Our limousine Service seeks to offer a top-of-the-range service in terms of professionalism, comfort, efficiency, punctuality and above all to entertain and make every day spent with us together with our private drivers on board our luxurious and comfortable Mercedes-Benz vehicles special.

THE TUSCAN WAY and Gianluca Tours

The Gianluca Tours limousine service offers many limousine service experiences: chauffeur rental, private tours, food and wine tours in Tuscany, transfer service in the city or around Italy, car service, professional driver, wine tours in Chianti, Siena tours, Pisa tour, San Gimignano tour, Cinque Terre tour, wedding service, The mall chauffeur service, hourly availability service….

Limousine Service boasts more than twenty years of experience in the limousine service sector with expert and professional staff and collaborators, who have a passion for this work, are the best private drivers in the city of Florence.

The limousine service with private drivers provides a high quality and passionate service experience, you can book directly on our website https://www.thetuscanway.com.
With the passion that our limousine service company demonstrates, we provide our customers with wonderful experiences of private wine tours in the Chianti area, Siena, Montepulciano, San Gimignano, Cinque Terre and many other places.

On cooler days we can also stop in towns such as Greve in Chianti which is the main town of the classic Chianti for a free visit, visit some of the beauties of Chianti such as Badia a Passignano which is a 19th century monastery, the town of Montefioralle, the tour is customizable in every detail so we can also dedicate the 4 hours just to making a cellar.

Our Limousine Service in Florence and our private wine tour in Tuscany

Our limousine service experiences are all customizable and organized tailored to the customer’s requests; a part of the tour is dedicated to visiting beautiful panoramic places to take beautiful photos in classic Chianti.
Our professional drivers will take you to visit the most famous and historic places in Chianti, such as Montefioralle, the birthplace of Amerigo Vespucci, the man who gave his name to America.

The wineries are a fantastic place in the classic Chianti, with its cellar where you can have a tasting experience of high quality wines served by staff who are very expert in presentation and there is also obviously a guided tour of the cellar.

A close collaboration with Chianti Classico companies of the caliber of Poggio Amorelli, Castello di Gabbiano, Villa Le Corti of the Corsini princes and visits to Antinori wineries.

Our private drivers speak perfect English and have great experience in the Tuscan area where they spend their day every day accompanying VIP clients and in any case all coming from the luxury hotels of Florence and therefore often accustomed to and looking for maximum comfort and professionalism on the part of those around them and our private drivers always manage to receive numerous 5 star reviews for the service they provide and the friendliness and passion they put into their work as private drivers.

Our goal as a limousine service is by every means possible to make the customer happy and to give an experience and a memory of Tuscany, with our limousine service and our private drivers, which remains indelible and a magnificent memory with many photographs of beautiful landscapes that they were the expectation of every tourist who comes to visit and take a wine tour in Tuscany.

The wineries that we have chosen to present are truly of the highest level, Poggio Amorelli is as a food and wine experience in the Chianti Classico perhaps the best that can be found thanks to their great passion, dedication and commitment to the work they do, they have managed to create a place magical for every customer who purchases a wine tour at a high level limousine service with high expectations of the service and in the selection of places to visit in Tuscany.

Our Wine Tours in Tuscany made by our limousine Service with our private drivers who are experts in the territory, in the history, in the Tuscan land but above all in its famous wines, are an experience of complete immersion in our magnificent nature of the Tuscan hills made of vineyards and olive trees to make our famous extra virgin olive oil.

While driving, our private drivers who speak perfect English will tell you the story of what you are seeing and how above all our wines have been born and made for centuries.—-Our private tours in Tuscany are basically of two types or tours of the Chianti Classico which is the closest area to Florence and is located in the Tuscan countryside between Florence and Siena, in this tour you can visit different wineries of the Chianti Classico, symbolized by famous Gallo Nero, a very ancient wine consortium.

The second type of private tour in Tuscany that we often do is on Montalcino and Montepulciano where you can visit famous companies producing the famous Brunello di Montalcino wine, while in Montepulciano companies that produce the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, in addition to Montepulciano wine and also an interesting Borgo to visit on foot.

Montalcino and Montepulciano are about two hours from Florence and are located south of the city of Siena.

A third very popular tour done and requested from our limousine Service is the San Gimignano and Siena tour where in addition to visiting the medieval city of Siena and the small ancient medieval village of San Gimignano there will also be a visit with lunch and wine tasting to a winery of San Gimignano and therefore live an experience of wine and history together in a single tour.

Tuscany is famous for its red wines especially made of Sangiovese grape which is our main grape but we also have some places where an excellent white wine is produced such as in San Gimignano where Vernaccia di San Gimignano is produced. Who is a very ancient consortium the first D.O.C.G. Consortium in Italy.

The Tuscan Way a private driver in Florence and Tuscany for your VIP Private Tours and Transfers

Hi, I’m Gianluca, owner of The Tuscan Way site.

To drive a limousine and talk about wine is what I was born for, I built my business behind my passions.

The Tuscan Way represents not just my business of  Private Driver but is how I live and with that I want to transmit to all my clients the best experience for finding inside what is the real love for life. 

Making with them a wonderful Private Tours or just with a simple Airport Transfers from the Hotel.

Anything in life can be made in 2 ways: with passion or without passion.

I’m a Professional Driver a Chauffeur with a big passion for it.

To be a Private Driver gives you the opportunity to meet 1000 interesting peoples from all over the world that need a Professional Driver that helps them in what they need with my Limousine Service of Hire a Driver.

The Tuscan Way is the best way to call what I feel for my service of Hire a Driver, located in Florence and mostly driving my clients for Private Tours or Airport Transfers around Tuscany.

The Wine Tours for me are the master of all experiences for how I built my Limousine Service in Florence and for how I want to best represent The Tuscan Way experience.

A wonderful Limousine Mercedes with any comfort for the client and all my attention to make our drive the best experience for a Private Tours or an Airport Transfers.

I want that clients after my Limousine Service get something that they will bring home with them, a Private Driver and a client in the start and two good reliable friends after the Private Tours or just the simple Airport Transfers.

I want to meet more people possible with The Tuscan Way because I want to be able to share good and positive emotions and vibs that day by day more people can have something nice to bring inside and maybe they will learn to share with someone else The Tuscan Way experience but on them Way.

I’m sure that all peoples they love enjoy and sometimes only need to find the right persons that want to share the same and this is why I love my business of Hire a Driver in Tuscany.

Rental with driver, hire a car with driver, Limousine Service or many ways to call my service I wish that if a person need one of those services could find a way to express and find on Google what is really looking for and The Tuscan Way is the best way for me to communicate the feeling that is behind my Limousine Service and hope that Google will notice me and my words so that part of my dream can become true, share and work together for a better world can start from a simple research of Hire a Driver in Tuscany.

I want to find more people possible using the internet and putting on my soul and passion to be a Private Driver, try to cross the monitor and cables just to arrive at the soul of the others that are looking for a Private Tours or an Airport Transfers with a Limousine Service in Tuscany.

Now I want to talk about my Private Tours, my Wine Tours around Tuscany in the Chianti area or Montalcino in Val d’Orcia or Siena and San Gimignano, Pisa and Lucca, and the 5 Terre.